CTI and Its Use in Call Centers

CTI and Its Use in Call Centers

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The computer telephony integration (CTI) system is used by technical support services in call centers for making calls to customers using the computer system. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is used in connection with CTI to make it possible to call contacts using a computer system that has an Internet connection.

CTI also enables the computers to make calls to contacts automatically, and also route calls from callers to receivers in an inbound call center. With the help of CTI, the technical support services are also able to allow reception and transmission of FAX and Internet phone calls. Other features that the CTI system offers call center companies include call forwarding, email, caller ID, teleconferencing and voicemail.


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The CTI systems operate through a dedicated application that manages phone calls. This helps to track and archive the phone call data, which includes the length of the calls taken and made, the number of calls handled by call center agents, the charges for the call, and other relevant information.

The agent making the call to the customers actually controls the forms and the functions of the CTI. It is not mandatory for the receivers of the call to have a CTI application for receiving the call from the agent. Technical support services also use CTI systems which offer neither the caller nor the recipients of the call control over the CTI process.


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