Educate your customers - Beat further energy bill rises: Insulate!

Educate your customers - Beat further energy bill rises: Insulate!

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Helios Outsourcing provides quality Home Insulation leads for Loft and Cavity walls. Helios has a range of tele-Marketing services to suite your needs and options from where you can choose from. We focus on the B2B and the B2C markets in the UK.


Unlike traditional call centres, Helios believes in a non-scripted approach. By working closely with you, we will create a unique and customized tele- Marketing solution best suited for your business objectives like Online Lead generation, Tele Lead Generation, Green Deal marketing , PPI marketing , Home Insulation marketing ,Solar PV marketing and Insurance Marketing and so on.


With the recent news from Centrica that its consumers will face higher energy bills next winter, the National Insulation Association (NIA) is urging householders wishing to slash their energy bills to insulate now.Centrica announced last week that wholesale gas costs would be 15% higher for next winter while other costs would add a further £50 to the cost of supplying energy to the average home.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA, commented: “Home insulation is the single mostEffective method of saving money on domestic energy bills, with savings continuing year on year! With the average annual bill of a `Big 6` standard tariff dual fuel customer currently at £1,310* per year, householders need to make their homes as energy efficient as possible if they are to beat further price increases. “An astounding two thirds of heat can escape through uninsulated walls and roofs; by simply installing cavity wall and loft insulation, savings of between £185 and £310* per year can be made and, with current low installation costs, the payback period can be as little as one to three years. The savings are even greater for insulating solid walls and lofts, between £510 and £635*** per year.

So customers have more than ever need to insulate their properties and Helios can get you these customers.



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