Offshore Answering service: The Most Economic Option

Offshore Answering service: The Most Economic Option

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Offshore outsourcing of answering service is the newest phenomenon as far as business outsourcing strategy is concerned. Although the offshore outsourcing initially was restricted to the delegation of answering services, in recent times the scope of functions of the offshore call centers have widened considerably. Along with the answering services, most business owners reap the benefits of various other call center services.

Coming to what dictates a business owner to route the business calls to offshore call center. It is definitely the cost factor. And it is the same cost factor that makes developing countries particularly India as the most preferred offshore location.


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By now it has already become clear that offshore call centers particularly the Indian call centers are the hot favorite when any business owner from the USA or UK contemplates outsourcing. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind such preferences:

  • The first and foremost is the cost factor that has already been mentioned. Labor in India is pretty cheap and so is the service.
  • The second would be the language factor, after USA it is India where they have the largest English speaking population.
  • The third would be the time zone in which India falls. It is the time that makes a 24/7 support service possible.

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