Call Center Success Formula

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The call center units have to be careful about improving their performances as they move into a more competitive sphere. Experts of the BPO industry are asking firms to use a central database for their work. This method not just makes the process smoother and more transparent, but also identifies the weak links. Checking on the chinks in call center services is important to plug them in. You can also use this central platform to track performances. The end-users need to be given something special if you want to retain them. Call centers have to continuously keep that purpose ahead of the others.

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There are some intangible BPO service aspects that call centers units have to particular about. For example, when it comes to customer service satisfaction, you will have to depend on the soft skills of the agents rather than on numbers and technology. You can monitor your call centers, of course. There are three ways of doing so. One, the supervisor can sit in with the agent taking the call and provide immediate assistance. Two, the supervisor can listen in on the calls remotely at a different workstation. Three, the calls can be recorded for the supervisor to check them through later on and suggest ways of improvement.

Customer Service for 2011

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Now that the recession has taken a dip, call centers may be tempted to go easy on the customer service. But experts tell us that now is the time for even better consolidation of the customer base. As many BPO units are vying for their attention, the customers will be tempted to jump camps pretty often when it comes to using brands. The only way you can keep them tied down is by taking very good care of them. The inbound call center department has to be extremely competent and vigilant. Along with the use of technology, they have to be careful about their skills. Call center units are trying to recruit agents with specialized skills along with the usual telemarketing skills.

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This would mean that only the best will get to work at the customer service desk. Multifunctional inbound call center departments are other order of the day. It does make it better if your call center goes multi-lingual. If you go by the current status, customer care is still in the ‘not very good’ slot. Brands are losing customers because of bad after-sales networking. Customers are tired about sloppy work at the answering service. They want value for their money and unless you can provide that, you have no chance of retaining your customer base.

More Power to Answering Service

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The way ahead for answering service agents is one that is laced with excitement and greater responsibility. Several call centres across the world are trying out a new model that has been initiated by giants like the AmericanExpress. This makes BPO employees at the inbound call centre desk take more responsibility in dealing withcustomers. The call centre agents at the phone answering desk generally stick to a script, one that has a start and end protocol. However, the time has come for them to enrich the experience of the callers. And for that to happen,it’s important that they break away from the mould that has not taken the customer care department ahead like theother call center services.

BPO firms are allowing the answering service agents to take things in their stride. Agents find themselves with thepower to bypass certain protocols to make things easier for the customers. A dynamic phone answering team is allthat call centres need at this point in time. When the experimentations at the inbound call centre team passes the acid test, others in the business process outsourcing world would join in too. BPO service agents in the units of American Express often hold conference calls to clear things out between the caller and the technicians. That’s a much better idea that just transferring the call to the tech team.

Call Center Mergers

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In the context of business, the adage united we stand and divided we fall seems to work well! Call center units are relying on each other to tide over crises that visit them very often. This sense of dependence has given rise to facing the dangers together by forming mergers and buyouts. BPO units are getting into tie-ups with other firms to do telemarketing work together. Such mergers can take place between domestic call centers and also for international companies. Several BPO service units in countries like India has entered into partnerships with their counterparts in UK or USA. Fusion BPO Services itself has one with the Centennial Marketing Group of Canada.

Call Center Mergers

The prime reason for these call centre mergers is not just pooling resources. It also means opening up new markets that were not possible before. We can talk from example. We didn’t have much stakes in the finance and insurance market. Our buyout of the Centennial Marketing Group has brought us some quality financial and insurance projects. We have some credibility in the financial sector of Canada because of our brand blending with that of CMG. Such tie-ups are necessary for diversification of call centre services. It’s important that these units grow out of being just customer service centers.

BPO Use Social Media for CRM

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Social media networks are fulfilling the needs of the BPO in more ways than one. Firms are increasingly using Facebook and Twitter for lead generation. Call center agents have used these platforms to promote products and services. Now, there is another function that social media is being used for: Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Answering service agents are not exactly passé, but BPO service agents are creating profiles to interact and maintain proper relationships with their customers through social media, blogs and websites. It’s a conscious effort on the part of the call center services to reach out and make some personal connections with the consumer base.

This is an age of abrupt change of loyalties. Consumers may change over to subscribe with a rival firm any point in time. The call center firm has to prevent that or their lead generation efforts would amount to nothing. Eroding databases can be fixed through effective CRM. On the social media networks, BPO agents engage in a one on one tête-à-tête with the consumers. It’s a wonderful trend to touch base with people who are the building blocks of a business. The consumers can also get their queries sorted out and they like interacting with an insider. This BPO service effort builds up user loyalty and also builds a formidable brand image.

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