Improved Leadership for Call Centers

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Improving the efficiency of call center services has a lot to do with leadership. The studies conducted by BPO experts have taught us that better team leaders and supervisors make for better work on the floor. As we keep reiterating on this blog, motivation is a prime mover to get the job done faster than it usually takes. Team leaders have a lot to do here. They can lead by example or by imparting valuable lessons in the task that remains to be done. Telemarketing embraces and discards methods each day. The leaders have to keep themselves abreast of all the development that is happening so that they can work towards incorporating them in their own processes.

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Leadership skills have to be fostered in the call centers. Helios Outsourcing is proactive is coming up with leaders and supervisors at all times. We are always scouting for talent and looking in the corners to bring out the best in telemarketing services. We are committed to provide leadership skill training and also equip them with the soft skills that differentiate a great leader from a good one. We encourage our BPO leaders to build up a healthy work atmosphere, keeping an eye each on productivity and relationships. We are confident that relationship-building will work well for our call center units.

Long and Short Terms of BPO

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Every business has different techniques when it comes to long and short terms. The business that is visionary will never compromise the long term gains for short term benefits. In BPO parlance, this holds true as well. We have noted how some short term methods damage the prospects for the future. A basic example is how telemarketing services  of some call centers violate the telemarketing laws to get more customers to their kitty. In due course, the law enforcers get wind and crack down on the call center. The damage causes a dent in the image that can never be straightened out. If the firm had done the right process, they would have done better.

Helios Outsourcing has planners who think of how certain call center services will be useful for us in the future. When the telemarketing market was under threat because of a weakening economy, we had our software development and web marketing services launched. They did well on their own and supported the revenue generation. We found more sense in venturing out into fresh territory than try to do something impossible and lose our advantage as a premiere BPO service provider. We are committed to do something different each time and we believe that short and long terms goals should complement each other



Importance of Strategic Planning in Call Center

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There is a direct need for strategic planning in call center units. Without the assistance of a proper plan, BPO units tend to deviate from the path that they want to take. The advantages of strategic planning are many and disparate. Planning helps to keep the budget under check. Budget can become an issue of debate between clients and the call centers. Because the budgets that clients set aside for call center services is limited and often not very deep, they want to be additionally careful with the money that they put on the table. Coming from the perspective of a financer in the recession hit market, their paranoia about money is understood.


Strategic Planning in Call Center If the call center wants to optimize the budget and means that they have on hand, they can do so well. They have to be careful about keeping a tab on things. The planning stage in call centers begins when the telemarketing project comes on board. The hiring on agents, the decision on what kind of technology that will be used, along with how things are going to pan out – all these need to be chalked out with care and a practical eye for detail. It’s always advisable to make provisions for those factors that are not strictly within your control.

Importance of Strategic Planning in Call Center

More on Call Center Training

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Call center training is vital for the agents working for you. However, with time and budget constraints, it’s not always possible to have them sent to institutions or other seminars and conferences for training. You never know when an emergency will crop up and you will need your best BPO managers to deal with it. So traveling for training is not a feasible option for many call centers. The way out is to have training modules in the BPO service unit itself. We have several conferences and interactive sessions with our agents in our campus itself. We like to include everyone in the loop and that is why we keep the entry unrestricted. We also schedule the sessions according to the work timings of the agents.

It is a discouraging trend that when time and resources run short, the call centers cut down on the training budget. They feel that because training is seemingly the most unproductive practice, they can cut down the modules and do a crash course for the agents. This pays off badly for the BPO. Untrained agents are difficult to work with. They may not know the ethics of the company of the seriousness of their role in it. They may not know about the telemarketing  reports that they have to send across. It becomes difficult to keep them under the tab once they get to the floors. You would do well to ensure that only fully trained call center agents take the floor

Traction in Domestic BPO

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Helios Outsourcing likes to be in the loop always. Our analysts are always keeping a close eye on the developments on the call center scenario. We follow the trends painstakingly and try to learn our lessons. This practice keeps us abreast of things at all times. Recently our call center experts have noted a stretch in the domestic call centers. There is an entry of a large number of small players in the market. These players have potential to make it big in the coming months or years. However, their presence itself has increased competition and started to keep things on a tight leash. The pricing, especially, of call center services is a direct casualty of the competition.

With more BPO players in the domestic scene, the costs have plummeted. This is not very good news for the call centers. Prices have to go up to contend with the rising inflation. But it’s the inverse that is happening. To be on the same page as other call center units in terms of price, many have slashed down their prices. This has a strong negative effect, being a step taken out of compulsion than out of choice. To adjust the slashed price in the scheme of things, telemarketing services are being compromised. The direct fall out of this way of doing things is that call centers are hiring cheaper manpower. That would not be such a nice idea in the long run because these units have to compete with international standards when it comes to call center services.

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