Call Centers to Proliferate

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Jobs at the call center have better chances of proliferating that any jobs in any other sector. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in the Philippines has listed BPO jobs as being the most in demand. Helios Outsourcing, as reported in yesterday’s post, has a call center services unit in this country. It’s a new unit and so we are excited about any good news that happens on the horizon of the Philippines business process outsourcing sector. This announcement by DOLE has reinstated our faith of investing in this country. We appreciate the interest that the workforce shows in working at telemarketing units.

Call Center

Workers in the call centers of India are keen, enthusiastic and committed about telemarketing services, as opposed to other locations where youngsters view it as a compromised career option. This makes a whole lot of difference in how they perceive their jobs. There can be nothing on the table if the call center agents are not willing to dedicate all they have in picking up the nuances of the trade. That’s something that we have noticed in India. The employees here are willing to go and make a difference for themselves and for the company they work for. We have a lot of hope in terms of quality call center services from our unit here. And they are doing well!


Multilingual Call Centers in Vogue

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Multilingual call centers are back in the business. After a forced hiatus because of the recession, these specialized call center units are in the reckoning again. The answering service of many businesses in a country like USA needs the option of many languages. Customers who call up don’t always speak English. In fact, in a pot-melting country, you cannot expect all your customers to come from the English-speaking community. So you have to be ready to tap those customers who don’t speak the universal language. It gives your business an added edge. The BPO units providing the phone answering service should also have this system in place.

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Helios Outsourcing has always been a pride provider of multilingual answering service facilities. We are adept in Spanish and French phone answering service. We pick our agents according to the use of the accent and the easy with which they speak the language. We are committed to our motto of offering every assistance possible to further the cause of the client. We train our telemarketing agents according to the cultural contexts of different ethnic groups. We believe that telemarketing services cannot be done unless the seller and the buyer are on an equal footing. Our call centers try to bring our agents on par with the demographics they are catering to.

BPO Grips Popular Culture

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The rising popularity of the BPO sector in mass culture is testimony to the fact that call centers are a way of life now. More members of the audience relate and identify with the characters on the stage or on the screen when they represent the world of business process outsourcing. A rising number of American viewers are curious about the life and times of the offshore telemarketing agents that they talk to on a daily basis. The success of the NBC show ‘Outsourced’ is a proof of the fact that people are waking up to accept the offshore BPO service world as part of the reality. With more viewers getting hooked to such shows, you can be prepared to view different takes on this interesting world.




What makes these shows so popular in the West? The single answer to this is curiosity. When the average American relies on a call center agent located thousands of miles away to get their micro-oven and refrigerator fixed, they want to know more about these BPO agents who help them out. They want to know about the lives of the telemarketing agents and how they run the industry. They want to know the BPO service quirks and idiosyncrasies. The combined effect results in some astounding success for the show makers. Their success, in turn, fuels more desire in others to explore this subject

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