Social Media for Lead Generation

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Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media is the ‘in’ thing today as far as sales lead generation is concerned. People are interested in visiting social networking sites, and this trait can be used when generating leads. This is a great way to gain new customers and increase sales by developing the brand name through social media.


Marketing plays a vital role in sales lead generation, and this is why the marketers at the call centers are making a lot of efforts in planning lead generation, lead scoring and nurturing programs. This data is then related to the sales results to find out the efficiency of the sales lead generation program. A good BPO must develop a lead management functionality that enables the marketers to plan, monitor, power and track the revenue performance management campaigns conducted by the call centers. This is not enough, with social media being a hot thing, there must also be campaigns run by the marketers on social media for lead generation.


Today, the call centers are shifting the focus of marketing for helping a business flourish towards alignment with sales objectives. This is a sensible option for the businesses and companies today. Social media today has become a key objective when business is in question. Businesses must allocate their funds to lead generation purposes, as when the sales relies on marketing generated leads, the outcome is a lot more lucrative than  when other avenues are focused on.


Social media is being viewed by the businesses as a steady source for gaining more and more new customers. It is found that consumers gain an interest on products and services that they like on Facebook and follow on Twitter social networking sites. Through the social networking sites, the businesses should share content that speaks a lot about their products and their expertise in the industry. The social presence of the business must be realized by having social links that consumers can go through.


The businesses must also make sure that the call center they have hired for this purpose is regularly monitoring the conversations on social media about the brand as well as the competitors. The call center agents must respond to all the feedback and the questions from the customers. The key to success is to meet new people over the social networking site, and then communicate as well as build relationships.

A quality BPO can provide you with outstanding call center services, take a look…

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With the gradual increase of online services, the internationally ranked BPOs are also moving forward to make an efficient team to provide exclusive services to its clients. Their prior aim will always to assure individual care to their customers with professional touch. The call center outsourcing is being collaborated with robust infrastructure and consequences the exclusive customer care services. These answering services include, online order taking services, technical support, internet marketing, telemarketing and many more. Renowned BPOs consider call blending, voice logging, and fax on demand, soft phone, IVR, ACD, dialer software and more as the important facets of their outsourcing services. A good and enterprising BPO will always take care of customer services, help desk functions, campaigns for email marketing, data entry, broadcasting, back office, website promotion, customer support, fax broadcasting, outbound telemarketing calls with the help of their expert professionals.



The facilities of Call Centre services are:

?   The expert professionals of the eminent call centers care having the capacity to tackle huge number of calls.

?   The BPOs are efficient enough to manage the savings options through operational quality.

?   The call center services are having multi channel approach to handle the clients as well as the customer’s need.

?   Exclusive call center services works with robust technology that can meet up with all the client’s requirements at the easiest and the earliest possible manner.

?    Cost effective steps are also taken by the call center executives with their proper training and guidance that is always provided to them from the expert managers.

Hence it is a matter of fact that if you are looking into the solutions of making your business better then taking the assistance of the call center services could stand beneficial to you.


Call Center Necessity: Lead Nurturing

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Call centers have to come out of the comfort zone of thinking that lead nurturing is a marketing option for them. In the modern day lead generation scenario, an outbound call center department has very little option but to engage in vigorous lead nurturing. To explain the point further, let’s pick on a typical sales lead generation cycle. Call center agents make cold calls to potential customers. These are generally unwanted calls. The ratio of clinching a sale is particularly low. On the other hand, the vast database of phone numbers that your department makes use of will increase the returns on investment (ROI).


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There is a major difference in the lead generation scenario when the outbound call center agents engage in lead nurturing. This important process helps to align the timings of the buyer and the seller. Because the call centers tap only those contacts that have expressed a clear desire to be called. They will be more interested in the sales lead generation process than the usual cold calls that are made. You can also contact the potential customers through email or any other format that you choose to. Because of this additional care that you show, the contact will rely on your brand as the trusted source among the numerous brands that are in contention.


What are the benefits of the Tele marketing services in a Call Center?

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The call center services of telemarketing are one of the most beneficial acts of the BPO services. To promote your products in the global arena, the facilities of indulging into telemarketing is a matter of priority. To come across with the target audience in perfect timing and dealing with them 24x7x365 is another important ability of the call answering services of the BPO. Telemarketing services are flexible and proves to be dynamic enough to make you business run fast on the track. There are four types of telemarketing services provided by a BPO. That includes business to business telemarketing, outbound telemarketing, automated telemarketing and business to consumer telemarketing.


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Besides being one of the most effective businesses dealing optimizer, the 24 hour answering service of a customer care unit of any BPO always aim primarily on doing quality telesales services wherever required. Efficient team groomed with outstanding technical support and expert telesales services can make a BPO a perfect one. This work of telemarketing is one of the most effective tools of better communication among the consumers through call answering services 24 hours.  Reaching the right target audience through email surveys and websites, the customer care executives can improve your business and execute your sales rate in a dynamic and customized manner. Good BPO offers different call center services that include outbound telemarketing, inbound telemarketing, CRM and E-commerce telemarketing. Hence the effectiveness of the telemarketing is quite an influential facet of further business development and grows better customer relation.

Lack of Planning in Offshore Call Center

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The business firms that have outsourced their call center services to offshore call centers are thinking again about the poor customer satisfaction they are getting. Many of these firms are considering pulling back their projects to onshore BPO units in the hope of better service. They are missing a vital point here. The projects that are outsourced to these offshore BPO units often lack the planning that is necessary. As a result of the lack of insight, they end up doing poor work on the customer service. The solution lies in the ability of the project planners to make a productive work flow.


Helios Outsourcing


Call centers are what they become because of planning and management. Geographical location has little to do with it. Yes, that plays a role in getting quality technology and manpower. But those factors remaining standard, call center services can improve or slide down according to the capability of the top brass to train. If they can motivate and inspire the agents into doing some quality BPO service, just because they are working out of India or Latin America wouldn’t make much of a difference. Every call center needs correct technology, quality manpower and optimum use of resources


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