Call Center Scheduling: Some Tips

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We have reported time and again that call centre scheduling can be a wonderful way of improving performance at the call centers. Here are some tips that you can use for effective scheduling of call center services.


First, make use of a flexible schedule model. Call centre services are flexible and vary from day to day. Some days you may have to put in some extra to make up for lost time. Such days also come in when you are lagging behind on your targets. If you have your call center agents work to predetermined timings, you will find yourself facing challenges on a daily level.




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Second, reduce shrinkage by stringent adherence. Call centres often go weak on the question of adhering to time schedules. The best way to get rid of the lackadaisical attitude is to make the agents realize that a mere waste of 10 minutes can change things and have ripple effects all over the call center departments. They have to go out for lunches and comfort breaks on time and get back to the floor punctually.


To make sure that your call center agents are working hard at maintaining the schedule, arrange for incentives. Let the deserving ones be awarded and that will motivate the others to follow schedules diligently.



Hard and Soft ROI of Call Center

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There is a distinct difference between returns on investment (ROI) in a call center. You can classify them as hard and soft ROIs. The hard ROI measures the call center services in terms of money. For example, if you use a particular technology at the call centers, you will be able to save a certain amount of money every year. On the other hard, the soft ROI means the customer satisfaction level at the call center customer service. You cannot measure that in monetary terms but it definitely has a strong bearing on the revenue earning of the company. The trick for success at the BPO is to convert these soft ROI figures into hard ROI ones.


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How can call center units do that? The call centers have to break down the organizational goals into responsibility for the individual agents. That way, each call center agent will be able to understand what kind of role they are expected to perform. If they feel that sense of belonging with the BPO, they will work towards making that additional effort. Otherwise, the BPO agent goes back home without feeling any sense of attachment to the organization. They feel that they hold a post that can be easily substituted. That affects the attrition rate as well.


Basic Lead Generation Tips

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There are some basic lead generation tips that call centers need to follow. These steps are so commonplace that many call center units take them for granted. In their bid to get more sophisticated call center services onboard, they miss out on these basics. That hurts the sales lead generation process in the long run. These are:



(I)  Research: Before you begin work on a call center, you will have to conduct a thorough research on the brand or company you will work for. Talking to their clients and customers will give the call centers a fair idea of what they have on their hands. Reputation of the company will play a vital role in the lead generation process.


(II)  Opt-In Method: Before the outbound call center team dials up numbers or sends promotional emails, they have to check up if the receiver has opted in. Without a legitimate opt-in method, you will be treated like unwanted hassle. As for emails, there is a strong chance that your email domain will be blocked by ESPs if receivers report spam.


(III)  Follow-Up: The follow-up emails sent out by the lead generation teams are important, as they are necessary. Many leads die out because the call center did not follow them up or nurture them carefully.



Organic Growth is Our Call Center Aim

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As we come to an advanced stage in the first quarter of the year, our call center operations need a shift in thinking. The managers working at our call centers have devised a plan to make the growth more organic and well spread out. We want our inbound call center department make as much progress as our outbound call center. Similarly, the back office functions that we conduct include search engine optimization, social media marketing and other associated call center services need focus. Thanks to the quality work that we have done in this segments over a period of time, they have gained popularity among clients and consumers.

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There is another reason why organic growth in the call centers has become a priority for us. We want to cut down on hiring and training by adding more efforts in retaining employees. The attrition rate has never been a worrying point at Helios Outsourcing, but we do have to ensure that our agents are comfortable in their jobs. Happy employees will take care of our vision for organic growth. Our managers and team leaders have been directed to inculcate more sense of belonging in the employees. We want to move ahead with them as they are an integral part of our future plans.


Employee Retention Key To Bpo Success

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The key challenge that the BPO managers have to deal with is the attrition rate. In an industry where millions of talented professionals work, keeping them tied to a call center is difficult. On a macro level, the business process outsourcing industry is not threatened by the attrition because the professionals leave one to join another but remain in the same domain. But on the micro level, companies feel the pinch when a trained, seasoned agent decides to move out. The additional cost of hiring a replacement is just one of the worries. There are other concerns about how fast the new hire will adjust to the telemarketing project on hand.


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Training new hires and making them rise up to the requirements of telemarketing services often put severe roadblocks. Call centers struggle to meet the deadline. Failure to adhere to certain quality in call center services is also seen as a breach of faith that the client has placed in your BPO unit. To cut it short, when an employee leaves, there is a void that is difficult to fill up. So the managers have to be careful about man management and leadership. Motivation is a prime ingredient in keeping the attrition rate low. Monetary rewards are a must, too.


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