Means to Reach Business Targets

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In the current economic environment, call center outsourcing happens be one right solution and a decisive way to achieve goals and objectives of your own organization. Today, business and market competition has outdone the given limits of the viable environment. In such a situation, it will be significant enough for businesses to seek out for effective ways to help their businesses to grow.

These days, mere existence of a service or a product in the market has slowly become outdated. Currently, most companies operating in the current market are found to center on the constant recall amid innovation, consumer base, access and cutting-edge technology. The need for call center outsourcing has taken a new shape to manage and handle most external and internal demands and costs.

The management and financial strains affect the objectives and goals of a company quite adversely. The outsource call center will not only offer the quality services but it will also stick to the time and cost assigned. Call center services offer you professional, skilled customer support, rapid response, faster turnaround time, back-office support, account management knowledge while initiating new campaigns.




It will not be wrong to say that the offshore call centers have earned a reputation of their own. These service providers are widely chosen for the quality services and cost-effective ways to help businesses all over the world. Most offshore call centers are adept at providing result-oriented and customized services. These services are specially designed to meet the varied needs of the market.

The highly skilled technical expertise and the IT literate employees include the ability to make customer services exceptional and unparallel. With the use of the state-of-the-art technology, most call center set-ups are found to handle high volumes of customer calls, operational efficiencies and multi-channel expertise. This is reason why most companies operating in the current market make outsourcing a popular choice to help businesses to flourish.

With the help of the inbound services as offered in a call center, you will be able to experience increased profits and sales, reduced costs, enhanced customer base, improved rates of lead conversion and others. On the other hand, the outbound services will comprise a wide diversity of services especially known as the telemarketing services. These include specialized services that ensure to offer professional solutions. Some of these services include market research and survey, appointment survey, product or service promotion, sales and marketing, voice broadcast, chat follow-up, email, mortgage lead generation

Call center services are finely categorized into two types-outbound call center and inbound call center. Out of the given two, the inbound contact center services covers seminar and conference registration, click to talk services, customer follow-up, customer acquisition campaigns, lead generation or lead capture, fulfillment e-commerce programs, emergency response-direct or email and live chat.

Offshore call centers maintain their performance levels all throughout the services. The value-added services on offer help business firms to save the surplus charges and the time. These are advanced services, which especially focus on your own energies and labor on the core management issues. This will help to place services and products strongly as well as strategically in the market.

Cloud Computing Cuts Call Centre Costs

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The model of using cloud computing for Call Centres is now gaining popularity. According to this new model, BPO companies need not invest in purchasing equipment like automatic call distributors and phone switches. All of these devices can be used over the Internet, if they hire the services of a third-party host. The Call Centre services are operated upon a platform that is provided by a host. The services are available over a broadband Internet connection. Telemarketing agents can work from anywhere with the help of an Internet modem and a computer. This will cut down the overhead costs of a Call Centre by a huge margin.


If you believe the experts, they opine that cloud computing is expected to grow by 35% this year and about 20% in the next. This is definitely a progress for the business process outsourcing industry. Call Centre agents can now work from home. Studies have revealed that when telemarketing agents work from home on flexible work timings, they are happier. This increases the productivity of the BPO unit. Ideally, that’s the situation that any telemarketing services firm would want to be in! They manage to cut costs because of the cloud computing model and they also have a more productive team working for them.

Additional Call Centre Services: Direct Mail Follow-Up

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Helios Outsourcing is adding some new call centre services to its existing menu. These BPO divisions are derivates of what we already have. One of those new additions is the Direct Mail Follow-up Services. This is the process by which we nurture leads and bring them to sales. We follow up on every possible lead through emails to remind the contact about the product/service that we are trying to sell to them. The purpose of the email is to ensure that the contact remembers about your brand in spite of the busy life that they have to lead. A busy professional is more likely to forget a telemarketing call.


We must take into account that just like your brand wants a contact on the subscriber list, there are other Call Centres trying for the same goal. It will not be a surprise if your rival BPO company is contacting them as well! To stay ahead of this race, you have to be on the mind of the decision-maker. Our outbound Call Centre department shoots off regular emails as reminders about the conversation that led to the lead. We also rely on telemarketing calls to verify and quantify leads. It is our company policy to make sure we pass a list of verified leads to our clients.

Google Values Customer Service in New Algorithm

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Search engine giant Google has decided to attach more value to customer service and CRM than ever before. It has planned to modify its search engine algorithms to ensure that business firms with a bad reputation among the customers will not find favorable search engine page ranks (SERPs). In the present system, companies which have more of online rant complaining against their customer care or their experience post telemarketing often find themselves dominating the higher rankings. The bad publicity translates into more online visibility for them! Google is now working for a different way of gleaning past these unfair ranks to businesses that don’t care about their customers.



According to the new system of Google, words like ‘thief’, ‘rip off’, ‘liar’ would be counted as discredits. BPO companies who are into online lead generation through websites have to be careful now on. They have to pull together their customer service department, both online and offline. Helios Outsourcing looks at this new development with considerable interest. It will surely be a fresh perspective at how business networks are perceived on search engines. At the same time, business firms have to be careful about online reputation management. They have to get over the various posts and content that portrays the business in a negative light.

Database Cleansing for Lead Generation

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Lead generation can be a fruitful exercise only if you have a proper database. Database services are an important part of our call centre services menu. Helios Outsourcing employs quality database programmers. They help you cleanse your database from spam traps, bots, bogus email ids and also telephone numbers that are listed on the national Do Not Call lists. This helps the sales lead generation process to a great degree. It takes off all those email ids and phone numbers that are unproductive and only clutter up the database. Without these elements, your database becomes optimized and your lead to sale conversion ration improves drastically.


Helios Outsourcing can update and maintain a database with a high volume of data. Our BPO database programmers make it possible for our clients to access the database online and across all branches of their office. Our call centre agents monitor the database round the clock. We realize that the database is the key to successful lead generation campaigns. We are concerned about the safety of the database from external and internal threats. We have a proven track record to show how much we have been able to satisfy our clients in database services. We also offer technical support to different kinds of servers and data banks.

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