Helios Supports Organ Donation

Helios Supports Organ Donation

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Helios Outsourcing
is one of India’s niche oriented contact centre management firms run by a young and dynamic group of individuals with a passion to perform. One of Helios’s core values is to support the society and in this regard, the have undertaken a number of initiatives to support social causes.

The Helios Foundation was an initiative created by the management & staff of Helios Outsourcing in early 2008 as part of the organisation’s mission statement to give back to the society. The foundation is an independent registered charitable trust with its own board of trustees and is run in the most transparent manner possible.

Recently, Helios has partnered with the Mohan Foundation to promote the cause of Organ Donation in India. Completely on a voluntary basis, the management and staff of Helios has taken a conscious decision to become active supporters of the Mohan Foundation and in this regard for the first time in India, the entire company including almost every single one of its 25 member strong consultant team joined together to pledge their organs in an event held on June 26, 2010 at 6pm at the offices of the Mohan Foundation.

The event was kicked off with a presentation by Mrs Lalitha Raghuram on organ donation and Brain Death. All the participants were riveted to the screen held spell bound as Mrs Lalitha told them real life stories of organ recipients and how their life had been enriched.

This was followed by a reading of the ‘Life pass it’ on poem, by Dr Sumana. This poem was written by Robert N West about his hope that each and every organ of his body be used for other people after his death.

Mr Satz Moses, the CEO of Helios Outsourcing said: “At Helios, we take great pains to identify social causes that have a direct and significant impact in the lives of the people around us. It is in this regard that we’ve partnered with the Mohan Foundation – an organisation that we have always highly respected and valued for the fantastic contribution they bring to the society. Organ Donation is a cause that has long been neglected in India and we hope and trust that with the passion and zeal that Helioites have always put forward, we would be able to change – even if it is a small change, the way people treat the Organ Donation cause in India”



Source : Mohan Foundation

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