Outbound Calling Services

Winning business through tele-calling is nothing new. It’s been around for over three decades. Winning business through effective tele-calling however is an art that is only perfected through experience. And this is where you can count on Helios. With an experience spanning hundreds of outbound calling projects in various languages to over a dozen countries around the world, Helios has a range of tele-calling services that you can choose from, for both the B2B and the B2C markets.

Unlike traditional call centres, Helios believes in a non scripted approach. By working closely with you, we will create a unique and customised tele-calling solution best suited for your business objectives – be it sales generation or customer acquisition.

Please find below a selective list of our outbound calling services

  • Tele-sales & Tele-Marketing
  • Market Research & Tele-Surveying
  • Data Cleaning & Verification
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Brand Promotion & Welcome Calls
  • B2B Services
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