Outsourcing can save your business money – But that’s something you already know. Helios doesn’t just believe in cutting your business costs, but more importantly we believe in enhancing your business revenue. This we do through our customised service solutions aimed at increasing productivity of your contact centre operations and heavily leveraging upon great customer relationships. It is therefore difficult to put a price to any of our services without having an in-depth understanding of your business needs and requirements.

Helios provides a wide range of contact centre services and most of these services are available in an even wider variety of pricing models depending on the business vertical, requirements & expectations.

Please find below key aspects of our pricing and pricing models:

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per project

Hourly billing
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Daily billing
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Weekly billing
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for a 50-hour week

Monthly billing
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for up to 216 hours

Per call billing


per minute

Per task billing
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per task

Appointment setting
from just


per appointment

To get a customised quote for your business requirements, please contact us today.

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