Helios Outsourcing is a direct subsidiary of the UK based Helios group of companies having an international presence in seven countries. Established in 1985, the group is responsible for over two hundred & fifty employees worldwide.

A privately held corporation, Helios was created in conjunction with several companies to provide offshore outsourcing & contact centre management services to them. Helios, since its inception has created a catalytic change in the industry through its innovative processes, committed workforce and a go getting attitude. At Helios, the right people and processes synergise together to help you gain maximum efficiency and focus on increasing the core business values of your company.

Our global offices in the UK, Australia & India in addition to our international partnerships with offshore delivery centres around the world enable our clients to leverage the unmatched benefits of outsourcing without compromising on quality of service or performance.

At Helios, we believe in being the best in the business, adding value to our stakeholders and evolving into a force which shall continue to set standards for years to come. The key focus has always been to develop trust by delivering outstanding quality to enterprises worldwide and achieving increased operational excellence as a means to enhancing shareholder value.

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